FileZilla FTP

During an emergency, you can connect to files on the UWF server using FileZilla FTP software. The configuration instructions provided below are for access to the UWF server only when off campus. In order to connect while on campus, you may use the configuration setup provided here.

Install FileZilla FTP

Download FileZilla Client 

Configure the Connection

  1. Start the Program (Start -> All Programs -> FileZilla FTP Client -> FileZilla).
  2. You may be presented with the End-User License Agreement. If so, read it, then click Accept.
  3. From the File menu, click Site Manager .
    1. Click New Site and name it UWF FTP:
    2. Enter the following info in the fields provided:
      1. Host: Type (students) or (employees)
      2. Port : Type 990
      3. Data Encryption : Select Implicit SSL
      4. Logon Type: Select Normal
      5. User Name : Enter your ArgoNet username
      6. Password : Enter your ArgoNet password
      7. Comments: Leave blank
  4. Click OK.



  1. Launch the program (Start -> All Programs -> FileZilla FTP Client -> FileZilla).
  2. When the program opens, Open the Site Manager with the icon displayed below File. From the Profile drop-down box, select UWF FTP.
  3. New Certificate Encountered window may appear, if so, click Grant Always.
  4. Your Home (H:) and Web (I:) folders appear on the right-hand side. The folders on the left-hand side are the folders on your computer.

    Faculty/Staff: You will see two sets of Home and Web folders. The folders preceded by your ArgoNet username (e.g. jpublic Home) will take you directly to your folder, while the other two folders will open a list of all FacStaff and departmental ArgoNet accounts. See example below.


File Transfer

There are several ways to upload and download files. The easiest way is to select the files you want to transfer and drag them to the destination folder.